What Exactly is Skilled Nursing Care?

What  Exactly is Skilled Nursing Care?

What Exactly is Skilled Nursing Care?

My mom had a pretty hard fall at home and gashed her calf muscle. She had surgery to mend the wound, but then I was told I needed to look into skilled nursing care. I knew that skilled care involved having a licensed nurse to help, but what does that  mean? Where do I start?

Oftentimes, adult children are a bit confused on the terminology on senior care. Why, you may ask? Life is busy, and we are experiencing the issue of aging parents for the first time. Help me understand just what is skilled nursing care.

3 Reasons you Might Need Skilled Care  
    1. Accidents--If mom or dad falls, skilled nursing care is ideal for helping with rehabilitation or wound care. This does not mean they are admitted into a facility for long term, as there are several options to receive skilled care. However, if you live far from your parents, the option for them to stay and get care is a viable and healthy one.
    2. Rehabilitation Post Stroke--When my dad had a stroke, I knew I would need help afterwards. I was not sure where to start. This is where skilled nursing care came into play and guided us through the process. With skilled nursing care, a licensed therapist was there to help dad with walking and talking again. Are there rules to qualify for skilled care? Absolutely. You need to check your insurance provider to make sure the care you are receiving is covered and what is needed to restore healthy living.
    3. Acute Medical Conditions--Sometimes the concern of a loved one at home is about medication. If mom or dad had an infection, illness or injury that requires medication that could potentially threaten their health or life if not taken correctly, it is good to look into skilled care. Skilled nursing care help short term or long term depending on the situation.

Who Pays for my Care?
There are many options for healthcare coverage, and with each plan comes a different level of coverage. The choices being Medicare, Managed Care, or Medicaid. We will help you figure out your coverage and what your plan pays, so you are at ease with your care and expenses.

3 Considerations when Choosing a Facility  
    1. Do Research--Don’t select a facility just based on the location. You need to do a little homework on location, licensing, Medicare/Medicaid certification, insurance plans accepted, cost and so forth. If you need skilled care, time to check all the details. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that relate to your loved one’s health and safety.
    2. Schedule a Tour--Learn about staff and policies and procedures. Schedule a tour and then as you narrow your choices, go on an unscheduled tour to see what happens when they are not expecting a new resident potential.
    3. Check Out Referrals or Testimonials--Nothing tells you more than past patients or their adult children. Ask for referrals when you are seeking skilled nursing care for your parents or loved one. Ask specific questions that can help you determine the best place for the best care.
Do you need more help in selecting the best skilled nursing care for you loved one? Contact us at Continuing Healthcare Solutions today and we will help you get the best care for your loved one.