Breast Cancer: Be Actively Healthy & Aware of Breast Health

Breast Cancer: Be Actively Healthy & Aware of Breast Health

Breast Cancer: Be Actively Healthy & Aware of Breast Health

Do you know your signs for aging vs. cancer when it comes to breast health?   

As we age we go through different stages as our body changes. I know this is not NEW news, but sometimes you get so caught up with news, internet, and advertising that you forget what is a warning sign and you need checked vs. body changes that are a part of aging. We are bombarded with information everyday that can tell us to worry or be concerned. 

Do you know the difference between normal changes in breast vs. a cancer alert?


Normal changes include:

  • Getting softer as skin ages and tissue changes.
  • Stretch marks 
  • Wider space between breasts
  • Nipples point downward
  • Lumpiness due to fibrocystic changes
  • Become more sun sensitive
  • Lose sensitivity

Danger Changes include:

  • Hard Lumps
  • One breast is significantly different than the other
  • Redness or Puckering of the skin
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Nipple Discharge

What you really need to know after age 50 is that you should monitor your breast health. You should do regular exams on your own, as well as get checked annually by your doctor. Also, staying healthy and active never goes out of style. You should work hard to maintain a healthy weight as you age, as research shows that many women who are postmenopausal and overweight increase their risk for breast cancer.


Aging is a beautiful part of life. It can be rewarding to age gracefully. However, part of your aging process is to keep up with your health and do your best to maintain healthy habits. As October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, take time to make sure you are proactive in doing what you can to prevent breast cancer. Also, you need to know the signs of breast cancer so that you can manage changes in your breast health to know when you need a doctor for something more serious or a concern in your breast health.


Do you need help with your aging process or does a loved one need some advice? Let us at Continuing Healthcare Solutions be your guide to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle to age gracefully and help you be proactive to detect any abnormal changes in your health and your breasts.