When an older adult gets admitted to the hospital for surgery, a fall, or illness, the process of what happens after the hospitalization becomes somewhat frightening to many. They are trying to deal with pain or medications that cause nausea, while trying to understand what they need to do when they go home or to a . When thing...

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After age 50 we all start to experience age related changes in memory or forgetfulness, and it is common to get a little confused. I mean, we are busy living life, chasing after kids schedules, and sometimes watching grandkids too. Not to mention, we are helping with our aging parents. So when does natural aging memory loss turn into som...

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My mom had a pretty hard fall at home and gashed her calf muscle. She had surgery to mend the wound, but then I was told I needed to look into skilled nursing care. I knew that skilled care involved having a licensed nurse to help, but what does that  mean? Where do I start? Oftentimes, adult children are a bit confused on the terminology on senior care. Why,...

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