As You Age, It is the Little Things That Matter

“By the time you are 80 years old, you have learned everything. You only have to remember it.” –George BurnsThe above quote speaks the truth about life and aging. As we are in the month of August, we need to celebrate National Senior Citizen Day on August 21, and we should visit or chat with senior citizens dear to our heart or venture out and meet new aging citizens who could use a friend.

4 Ways to Celebrate the Seniors in your Life

  • Spend some One on One time. Have you ever met a senior citizen who does not have a good story or a funny joke to tell? Most senior citizens have a story to share or a funny moment from their childhood they could relate. Take time and call a favorite senior family member or neighbor. Chat with them about life experiences and you will learn and see a face of an older adult light up with memories. Thank them for the knowledge they share and enjoy the memories together. This could be a gateway to a weekly chat so they stay social.
  • Grab a Dinner. Take advantage of the senior discounts and have a fun dinner and enjoy conversation together. Taking time out to share a good meal will mean a lot. One dinner could help spark a new tradition of dinner once a week or month to share fond memories, or keep up with the community activities. You could even incorporate an art show or local fair with your dinner out. 
  • Share a Movie. Movies are fun and a wonderful way to spend time together. After the movie you have plenty to discuss the film, which is a great opportunity for social time for seniors. You could start a monthly or weekly movie night. This does not mean you have to go to the theatre each time. You could have movie night at your home, or with a group of people at your assisted living facility or church. Just like a book club, a good movie discussion can be rewarding and keep your brain healthy too
  • Create a Memory Book Together. You want to keep your senior engaged and nothing speaks engagement then creating something unique. You and your parents or a loved senior can create fun books very easily with software available online today and print it, or have the memory book be online to share with others. You can also create a traditional memory book with stories, quotes, and pictures that can keep the brain healthy, and they have fun sharing the book with friends and other family members.

Aging is something we all share, and we deal with the joys and pains of growing old. Take a moment and talk to aging adults in your family or friendship circles. Let them experience the joy of conversation, film or a good dinner with others. Remember it is the little things that bring joy. Do you need some help with your aging parents or loved ones? Give us a call at Continuing Healthcare Solutions today and let us help you.

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