5 Tips to Aging Healthy

Aging is fun and sometimes not so easy. However, one of the biggest worries is how to age healthily and continue to embrace life as we enter 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. You need to reinvent yourself at those landmark ages and continue to find purpose in life. How can you age and keep life goals and limits in perspective? The following tips may help you grasp what it takes to be healthy and happy as you grow older.

5 Tips to Healthy Aging

Find Purpose

It is important as you age to have a purpose, joy or meaning to your life. Without purpose, aging can be a lonely place. Things change as you age. For example, your purpose or how you fill your days changes. You may retire, your children or a close friend may move away, or you may lose a friend or loved one. All of these events can cause you to lose sight of your purpose or meaning in life. This is a time for a reset. Develop new activities or interests that give you a new sense of purpose. For example, learn something new, pick up an old hobby or start a new one, get involved in your community or church, travel somewhere new, or spend time in nature. The previous ideas are great starting points to gain a new purpose and age happy and healthy.  

Keep Social

Ever hear someone say, “I am too tired to go out with friends.”? Sometimes that is the case, but not always. You need to keep socially active to age and have a full life. Staying socially active is directly linked to healthy aging. It is important to find ways, whether you are married or single, to stay socially active. Look for ways you can interact with friends and family. For example, enroll in a fitness class, join a card club, volunteer, get involved at church or other community organizations. Simply make an effort to interact with someone every day and you will be on your way to feeling healthy and happy as you grow older.  

Stay Physically Active

It goes without saying how important it is for your body, mind and spirit to stay physically active. It is never too late to start an active program, even if you have not been particularly physically active to this point in your life. Every little bit helps with physical health and brain health. Studies have shown that staying active adds years to your life, even if you don’t start until later in life. Active lifestyle builds a healthy body and mind that help you enjoy life as you age. Where do you start? First check with your doctor and then find an activity you enjoy. Whether it be walking, swimming, yoga or some other physical activity you can always invite a friend to keep you accountable and socialize at the same time.   

Exercise the Brain

As mentioned above, keeping physically active keeps your body and brain healthy. It is important to keep the mind as active and the body. Engaging your mind can help you avoid memory issues later in life. There are many resources to help keep the mind sharp and functioning. For example, join a book club and read, exercise, play games, learn something completely new like piano, and stay social.   

Cope with Change

As you age you will be hit with the ups and downs in life. Some of the changes you can manage by yourself and sometimes you need to talk it out with a trusted friend, family member, or doctor. Oftentimes, people who seem to have it all together get some curveballs in life that throws them for a loop. How you deal with change is important. Acknowledge changes, discuss them, and learn to deal with them in a healthy manner. There will be things you cannot change sometimes and that is life; however, finding that silver lining or focus on the positives will help you address changes.      Aging healthy and happy is the best way to enjoy the next stage in life. Sometimes part of that process is getting assistance to help you along the way. Visit our website at Continuing Healthcare Solutions and let us be a part of your healthy aging!

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